Keep Calm and Carry On After Flopping Between the Sheets

Flopping Between the Sheets. We’ve all been there, gents. You’re getting hot and heavy with a new flame, or maybe it’s your long-term lover. Clothes come off, things are heating up, you’re ready to seal the deal…and then it happens. Despite your best efforts, the soldier just won’t stand at attention. Or he stands briefly before a hasty retreat.

Either way, your confidence is shattered and manhood diminished. What follows is either awkward silence, mumbled excuses, or the dreaded “It’s not you, it’s me” speech. She might be understanding, but your ego is bruised.

No doubt about it, flopping in bed is never fun. But don’t despair, lads – it happens to all of us at some point. The key is how you recover from it. Follow these tips, and you’ll be back on top where you belong.

Keep Calm and Blame it on the Night Before

First things first – don’t make a big deal out of it! Pass it off as too many pints the night before, stress at work, or just being knackered. Say you’re eager to make it up to her and move on. The more you dwell on it, the worse it will be for both of you.

She may be disappointed, but making endless excuses or apologies only draws more attention to your failure to launch. Downplay it, make a joke, suggest morning sex to redeem yourself – whatever you do, don’t turn it into a therapy session dissecting your performance.

Shake it Off and Get Back in the Saddle

You know what cures impotence and performance anxiety? More sex!

The best way to rebuild your confidence is to get back on the horse, so to speak. Don’t avoid intimacy out of fear of flopping again. Schedule a romp ASAP and focus on satisfying your partner. Take the pressure off yourself – use your hands, mouth, toys, whatever it takes to give her a good time.

Chances are your soldier will come to attention once the stakes are lowered. And even if he doesn’t, you can still prove you know how to handle a woman. Redeeming yourself with an orgasmic encore will make you both forget about the failed first act.

Pop a Little Help Behind the Curtain

Fear of failure can quickly turn into a vicious cycle – you’re so worried about flopping again that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Break the cycle with a secret weapon: erection boosting supplements.

Pop an enhancing supplement and you’ll be standing tall in no time. Herbal supplements like horny goat weed and L-arginine increase blood flow for harder, longer lasting erections. Other compounds boost libido and stamina.

Visit your local chemist and stock up on some proven performers. Use them as a safety net until you regain your sexual confidence. Just don’t rely on them long term – the goal is to overcome anxiety naturally.

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Make Foreplay Your Friend

Don’t rush into penetration – take your time with plenty of foreplay. Kiss, caress, tease, and tantalize before going for the main event.

Not only will this build anticipation and arousal for both of you, but it takes the pressure off you to perform on demand. Let things develop organically instead of forcing it. Chances are your erection will naturally follow.

Engage all your senses. Rose petals, candlelight, music – set the scene for romance. Linger over every inch of her body. The more relaxed and turned on you both are, the less likely stage fright will strike.

Master the Art of the Quickie

When time is limited, a long involved session may be impractical or set you up for frustration. In these cases, try a foolproof quickie position that gets the job done fast:

  • Girl on top – She controls depth, speed, everything. You just lie back and enjoy.
  • Doggie style – A go-to for quick, intense penetration from behind
  • Stand and deliver – Back her into a wall or bend her over furniture

Aim for quality over quantity. 5-10 minutes of intense, passionate sex can be just as satisfying as a marathon session. Get in, get off, and go about your day with a smile.

Remember – Sex is About More Than Your Penis

There’s far more to intimacy than just penetrative sex. Don’t let past flops make you forget that.

Your hands, fingers, mouth – these tools can all be used to please your partner and make her climax. Remind her (and yourself) that your sexual repertoire is about a lot more than just your knob.

Take PIV (penis in vagina) sex off the table completely and get creative with outercourse – massage, mutual masturbation, oral sex, etc. Rediscover all the fun, playful ways to get frisky that have nothing to do with an erection.

Be Honest with Your Partner

If you’re in a committed relationship, have an honest chat about your insecurities. Don’t just make excuses – explain that you sometimes struggle with ED issues and it’s rattled your confidence.

Ask how she feels about it. Offer reassurance these are just occasional, temporary setbacks. Discuss how you can work together to overcome the problem.

Communication will bring you closer and help ease tension. Let her know you find her incredibly sexy and want to please her. Make it clear your bedroom flops aren’t about her shortcomings.

Working as a team will help minimize anxiety and restore intimacy. Set the stage for steamy redemption!

Take the pressure off by satisfying each other manually, orally or use some sex toys some nights. Intimacy isn’t just PIV.

Knowledge is Power – Study Up!

Do some reading on common bedroom problems and fixable factors like:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Early ejaculation
  • Low libido/testosterone
  • Stress management
  • Exercise and diet
  • Communication skills
  • Relaxation techniques

Understanding the causes and solutions will empower you to overcome sporadic flops. Don’t let it mess with your head or manhood.

Laugh It Off – Sex is Supposed to be Fun!

When all else fails, remember laughter is the ultimate foreplay. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

If you go soft mid-session, make a joke about needing a snack break to fuel back up. Tease each other playfully about any awkward moments.

Sex is not just a serious pursuit or performance – it’s also about just having fun with someone you fancy. Lighten up and don’t let the occasional flop deflate your enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flopping in Bed

How common are erectile/performance issues?

Very! Studies show over 50% of men experience occasional issues like ED or premature ejaculation. It happens to every bloke at some point, so don’t feel embarrassed or alone.

Should I see my doctor?

If problems persist, yes. But for sporadic instances, it’s likely just nerves or other reversible factors. Try natural remedies and techniques first before seeking medical help.

Are penis size and erection quality related?

Not necessarily. Many factors influence erections like stress, blood pressure, fatigue, etc. Smaller men can still achieve solid erections, while larger men may sometimes go soft. Size alone doesn’t correlate.

Can I prevent flopping with diet/exercise?

Absolutely. Weightlifting, cardio and pelvic exercises can improve blood flow and testosterone. Limiting alcohol, quitting smoking, reducing stress, and eating nutritious foods like oysters, nuts and avocados also optimize sexual health.

Will drugs like Viagra help?

They may temporarily treat symptoms, but long-term use can have side effects. Try natural supplements first. Horny goat weed, maca root and L-arginine are safer alternatives.

What if my partner takes it personally?

Reassure her it’s not about her attractiveness. Explain it’s a common issue you’re working to overcome. Focus on non-penetrative pleasuring. Set a sexy rematch date to build anticipation.

Is occasional ED normal at any age?

Yes, it can happen to men of all ages depending on health and lifestyle factors. Don’t assume it’s an inevitable result of aging – young men experience it too. Stay positive and proactive.

When should I see results from natural remedies?

It depends on the supplement, your diet, exercise routine, etc. Be patient, consistent, and allow at least 2-3 weeks for improvement. Manage expectations – not every night will be a home run.

The key is not letting the occasional failure get into your head or damage your confidence long-term. Stay focused on having an active, healthy sex life together. Flops here and there are normal speed bumps that can be overcome.

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