Lidocaine for Dodgy Little Soldiers

Lidocaine for Dodgy Little Soldiers. Alright guv’nor, seems you’ve got a bit of trouble keeping your chap standing at attention, eh? Well grab yourself a cuppa and let your Uncle Nigel give you the lowdown on lidocaine. I’ll cover everything you need to know about using this anesthetic cream to help your trouser snake stop spitting its venom too soon.

What on Earth is Lidocaine?

  • Lidocaine cream , Lidocaine spray , Lidocaine ointment , Lidocaine patch , Lidocaine gel … you get the idea … it comes im many shapes and forms
  • Lidocaine is a numbing chemical compound often used by dentists and doctors before medical procedures
  • It works by blocking the nerves so you don’t feel pain or sensation
  • When applied to your privates, it can decrease sensitivity and help delay eruption
  • Lidocaine comes in creams, gels, and sprays sold under brand names like Stud 100 and Dynamo Delay

How Can Lidocaine Help a Bloke Last Longer in the Sack?

Here’s the brass tacks:

  • By numbing the head of your johnson, lidocaine reduces sensitivity
  • This helps you avoid getting overexcited too quickly from stimulation
  • With decreased sensitivity, you can pound away longer before the fireworks start
  • Some blokes rub a bit on before getting down to business for this reason

So in essence, lidocaine allows your wedding tackle to keep marching on rather than finishing the parade early if you get my drift. A little dab helps your soldier stand at attention!

What Products Have Lidocaine for the Old Chap?

There’s a variety of numbing creams, gels, and sprays that contain lidocaine:

  • Stud 100 – Popular delay spray applied directly on the helmet
  • Promescent – Lidocaine-based gel to reduce sensitivity
  • Dynamo Delay – Gel that can be used with or without condoms
  • K-Y Duration – Benzocaine & lidocaine spray to prolong playtime
  • Prexil – Silicone-based cream with lidocaine

These are applied topically 5-15 minutes before getting frisky. The lidocaine absorbs through the skin to numb the little man in preparation for action.

Potential Side Effects of Lidocaine Creams and Sprays

While lidocaine can help your willy stay steadfast, it does come with some potential risks:

  • Numbness – Reduced sensation, may cause erectile issues
  • Pain/Irritation – Burning, stinging or itching could occur
  • Allergic Reactions – Rash, swelling, redness around application site
  • Partner Discomfort – Numbing could irritate sensitive areas for partner

So lidocaine may make your 3rd leg go numb and ruin the experience for both of you. It’s not meant for long-term or frequent use. Like any medication, it comes with side effects to consider before slapping it on your chap.

FAQ – Your Lidocaine Questions Answered!

Let’s cover some common questions about using lidocaine for premature perturbations:

Is lidocaine available over the counter?

Yes, most lidocaine sprays and creams don’t require a prescription. However, speak with your doctor before using, especially if you have health conditions or take medication.

How soon before sex should it be applied?

Allow 5-15 minutes for the lidocaine to take effect before engaging in hanky panky. Apply sparingly according to product instructions.

Can lidocaine be used with condoms?

Some lidocaine creams contain oils that may degrade latex. Check product labels for condom compatibility. Water-based options like Promescent can be used with condoms.

How long do the effects of lidocaine last?

Lidocaine is absorbed quickly but effects wear off within 30-60 minutes. Reapplication may be needed for prolonged play. Don’t exceed dosage on the label.

Is lidocaine safe for oral sex?

No! Lidocaine can numb the mouth, lips or tongue. Avoid oral contact after applying lidocaine creams or sprays on the genitals.

Natural Alternatives to Last Longer in the Bedroom

If you’d rather not mess with lidocaine, there are some natural ways to help your flagpole fly at full mast for longer:

  • Pelvic floor exercises – Strengthen muscles to delay eruption
  • Condoms – Can decrease sensitivity and help avoid premature fireworks
  • Communication – Discuss preferences so both parties enjoy themselves
  • Relaxation techniques – Helps reduce performance anxiety
  • Enhancing SupplementsMaraton Forte , Tianli , Natural Potent , Pro Intense

A healthy lifestyle and open communication with your partner can go a long way toward improving stamina between the sheets. Patience, practice and an understanding mate helps too!

vitamins , minerals & supplements

Pip Pip Cheerio! Key Takeaways on Lidocaine

  • Lidocaine sprays/creams can help delay eruption but may have risks
  • Numbing the soldier can reduce pleasure – talk to your partner
  • Avoid oral contact after applying lidocaine gels or sprays
  • Try natural stamina solutions like exercise, condoms, and communication
  • See your physician if premature perturbations persist for proper treatment

There you have it governor! Lidocaine for Dodgy Little Soldiers . Hopefully this guide gives you the meat and potatoes on using lidocaine to keep your John Thomas at attention. Give the wife a proper rogering by avoiding shooting your load too soon. Tally ho!

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