Hold Your Horses ! The Great Love Pause

Hold Your Horses. Blimey! My bedroom amusement with the missus had become a bit humdrum. Needed to give my nethers a rest from all that rigmarole, if you catch my drift! Well, don’t get your knickers in a twist lads. Sometimes the best solution for a lagging libido is taking a passion sabbatical, a good old intimacy breather, a spot of rest for your racy regions.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (And Other Bits Too!)

  • Taking a cheeky break from bonking could be just what your relationship requires. Abstinence has been shown to increase desire and improve satisfaction between the sheets.
  • A planned passion pause can add a dash of delicious forbidden fruit to your frolics. And we all know forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest!
  • Scheduling sexy time-outs takes the pressure off performance, giving your bits and bobs a well-deserved breather.

The Health Benefits of Giving Your Genitals a Holiday

  • For ladies: some pelvic peace and harmony hormones can help rebalance estrogen and testosterone levels. Pip pip!
  • For us gents: a rest can help build up a bountiful supply of those wiggly sperms, keeping the factories working at full functionality. Chin chin!
  • For both: a break allows anticipation to build, leading to more intense pleasure upon the grand reunion. Tally ho!

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk, Darling

  • It’s normal for red-hot romance to simmer down to a warm companionship flame. Passion pulsating at full throttle nonstop is unsustainable long-term. Keep calm and carry on.
  • Taking intimacy intermissions allows you to reconnect emotionally. Spend quality time together, communicate deeply, and remember why you fancied each other in the first place.

Reignite the Fire in Your Heart by Letting the Fire Below Cool

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And other body parts too, especially those down under!
  • By temporarily taking physical intimacy off the table, you create forbidden fruit temptation. Being “not allowed” makes it more enticing!
  • Scheduling sex pauses adds an element of planning and anticipation. The build-up stokes the flames of desire!

Potential Pitfalls on Your Path to Passion

While intimacy vacations have benefits, it’s not all biscuits and gravy. Let’s review some areas to tread carefully around:

  • Don’t let your relationship drought drag on too long. Whilst a temporary dry spell can heighten desire, an extended celibacy sentence may induce resentment.
  • Abstinence anxiety is real. Make sure you both feel confident and secure during your probational peccadillo period.
  • Solo relief is A-OK! Taking care of your own needs reduces tension. But be discreet so your partner doesn’t feel rejected.

Frustration May Lead to Altercations

  • Research shows elevated testosterone due to abstinence can increase hostility and aggression between partners. Crikey!
  • To avoid quarrels, focus intimacy on emotional connection, not physical only. Communicate your feelings clearly and caringly.
  • If tempers flare, self-soothe with calming activities: yoga, nature walks, meditative masturbation (just don’t get caught!)

Navigating Your Nookie Hiatus

To embark on an intimacy sabbatical without your relationship sabotaging itself:

  • Communicate. Discuss your reasons, set guidelines, pick a start and end date. Ensure you both enthusiastically consent!
  • Seek intimacy without intercourse. Hug, kiss, massage – be physically affectionate without crossing the carnal threshold.
  • Verbally affirm your attraction. Compliment each other’s looks and qualities. Vocal validation is key!
  • Engage in new activities together. Novel experiences create excitement and bonding.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Don’t take it too seriously. Laugh about your predicament. Humour heals.

The Grand Reunion: Make Your Comeback Climax Explosive!

Once your scheduled celibacy concludes, you’ll want to celebrate with a magnificent return to pleasures of the flesh. Here’s how to make your reconnection extra steamy:

  • Build momentum leading up to the big day. Exchange flirty texts, enjoy romantic dates, wear enticing underwear.
  • Schedule an overnight getaway. Check into a hotel for some naughty room service!
  • Indulge in tantalizing foreplay. Let the anticipation ramp up. Slow burn brings the fire.
  • Try new toys, supplements or techniques. Surprise your partner with an unexpected pleasure. Variety is the spice of life!
  • Most importantly, take time to be present. Don’t rush the moment. Savour every sensual second.
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FAQs: Frisky Folks Seeking Answers!

Let’s address some burning questions blokes may have about intimacy intermissions:

Is it normal to take a break from sex in a relationship?

Absolutely! Fluctuations in sexual frequency are perfectly natural. Don’t panic if your shagging schedule takes intermittent pauses.

How long can you abstain before it becomes problematic?

There’s no universal “right” amount of time. The key is mutual consent. As long as you and your partner communicate and feel cared for, briefly delaying doing the deed is no big deal.

Can abstaining really improve our sex life overall?

Yes! Studies show planned periods of abstinence increased desire, arousal, and satisfaction for most couples. Absence really can make the heart (and loins!) grow fonder.

What if one partner wants to end the intimacy break prematurely?

Check in regularly about comfort levels. If urgency arises, discuss together if it makes sense to resume relations earlier than planned. Just don’t go rogue and cheat!

In Conclusion: Take a Lover’s Leap of Faith!

So if your bedroom amusement has become lacklustre, consider taking a timeout. A short-term dry spell could be just the trick to reset your relationship’s raunchy rhythms. Have faith in the power of pent-up passion!

Now stop reading and start communicating with your partner. Schedule some probationary hanky-panky postponement. Get excited about the amorous adventures awaiting you post-hiatus!

Cheerio for now, lads! Happy …you know ..(when the time comes).

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