Faking It: How To Tell If She’s Really Reaching The Big O

How To Tell If She’s Really Reaching The Big O. OK, we’ve all been there. You’re in the moment, confident your bedroom moves are sending her into ecstasy…but are they really? Or is she just being polite and faking it?

According to some dodgy study I saw online, a whopping 70% of women don’t actually climax during sex. Apparently we blokes are too focused on our own pleasure and performance to properly attend to the lady’s needs. So in our heads, we’re Casanovas driving her wild, while in reality the poor girl is just waiting for it to end so she can get back to Eastenders.

Okay that’s probably an exaggeration. But I bet many women are left dissatisfied, dreaming of that elusive peak which – statistically speaking – she ain’t reaching with you, pal.

So how do you know your hard work is paying off and she’s really seeing stars? Let’s look at the telltale signs that show she’s hit the high note.

The Female Big O: A Different Beast

I’ll admit I’ve had doubts myself back in the day. I remember being chuffed with my oral skills as a randy teen, thinking I was God’s gift for “satisfying” my girl. But there were times when I wondered if she’d really finished or just said enough’s enough get your head out from between my legs!

The female climax is a different beast from a man’s. For us fellas, a quick handling with the right thought fuel can have us erupting in minutes, if not seconds.

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But women operate on a different plane. Maybe with loads of built up desire, the perfect clitoral caressing, and bodice-ripping passion she can get there fast. But it’s tricky – doubt most women explode as fast as we do.

They need more of a slow burn situation. Foreplay, massage, tender loving care – the whole shebang. Climaxing for women is a marathon event with tons of build up, not a sprint to the finish like us hasty chaps.

So lesson is: take it slow, pay attention to her signals, get her engines revved before slamming the pedal to the metal. Get her wet and turned on before you attempt penetration. Wham bam thank you ma’am is not the recipe for female fireworks.

Signs She’s Reached the Peak

When I finally reach the vinegar strokes and literally exploded, my chap pulses, my bollocks rise up and if it’s really intense my body convulses. Women have similar reactions when they truly peak.

So how to know your lady has popped her cork?

If your hand is down there, you’ll feel her bits pulsating, her love button throbbing. The whole area down below spasms just like when we chaps climax. Some women even get anal pulsations during orgasm! A little butt attention can heighten things if she’s into it – just keep the area well-lubed.

A real Big O can’t be faked. You’ll know if you’ve seen it. The face, the moans, the trembling – she can’t mimic that if she’s just acting. It’s full body and involuntary when authentic.

If it’s over too quick, she’s quiet, no shaking or pulsating of the nether regions, she may be fibbing and hasn’t truly finished. But everyone shows their O face differently so it’s not an exact science. Just look for the definite signs like the pulse down below.

Pay attention to her cues and you’ll know if your hard work has really satisfied her hungry beaver or if she’s less than thrilled with your performance.

Top Tips for Big Os

  • Take it slow with loads of teasing foreplay
  • Caress and stimulate the clitoris and surrounding erogenous zones
  • Use your fingers, tongue, toys to build anticipation
  • Pay attention to her body language and noises
  • Try different motions, angles, patterns until she responds
  • Let her guide you to what feels best
  • Edge her closer then back off to extend the thrill
  • Mix up penetration, oral, rubbing, role play
  • Make sure she’s relaxed and comfortable
  • Go multiple rounds if needed for her to climax

Big O FAQs

How To Tell If She’s Really Reaching The Big O ?

Look for breathing changes, flushed skin, pulsating genitals, clenched muscles, moaning, trembling. But some women show it subtly. Ask for feedback.

Do most women climax from penetration alone?

No, most women require direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Fingering, oral sex or using a vibrator on her clitoris works best.

What if she can’t climax during sex?

Don’t pressure her, just focus on pleasure. Try extending foreplay, different positions, toys, oral/manual stimulation. If problems persist, see a doctor or sex therapist.

How long does it take women to orgasm?

Times vary greatly but women usually take longer than men. Having an orgasm within 10-15 minutes of stimulation is normal. Help her relax and set aside more time.

Should I keep going if she says she’s finished?

Check if she wants more stimulation. Some women can have multiple orgasms. But over-stimulation can cause discomfort.

Get Busy!

There you have it lads! How To Tell If She’s Really Reaching The Big O. Hopefully this gives you a better grasp on the mysterious female O. Your mission is clear: roll up your sleeves, pay attention, and put in the time and care to truly satisfy your lady. Her pleasure should be your pleasure. With some attentive effort, you’ll both be seeing fireworks in no time!

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