Boosting Your Low Male Sex Drive

Boosting Your Low Male Sex Drive. Alright lads, BigPapa here to chat about one thing we all want more of – libido! Keeping your sex drive in tip top shape is crucial for a fulfilled life. Without those urges to get frisky, everything feels dull and dreary. Your relationship suffers too if you’re not both raring to go between the sheets.

My mate Tom is the book smart one, but I’ve got some real world wisdom when it comes to manly appetites. So let’s dive in on how to keep your sausage sizzling!

What is Libido?

Libido is your body giving you the signal: time to get busy! It’s the urge for sexual playtime, whether with your partner or solo. Don’t underestimate the power of libido – it’s a key force that makes life worth living.

You’ll find stats online saying how often men should shag based on age. Rubbish! Do it as frequently as you feel the urge and have a willing partner. I’m not limiting my fun to twice a month just because some study said that’s average for my age. Forget the figures and tune into your body.

Signs Your Libido is Healthy

  • Morning wood saluting you most days
  • Erotic dreams
  • Getting stiffies in public around attractive people
  • Masturbating because you’re genuinely horny
  • Initiate sex regularly with your partner

If your man parts seem on permanent vacation, your libido may need a kickstart. Some loss of sex drive is normal with age, but you should still appreciate sexy ladies and get aroused regularly into your older years.

Natural Libido Boosters

If your sausage seems a bit limp lately, there are natural ways to perk it up:

  • Exercise – Get the blood pumping down there!
  • Sleep – Recharge your batteries so you’re ready for action.
  • Reduce stress – Pressure and worries are libido killers.
  • Eat libido foods – Oysters, maca, ginseng, avocados, nuts, and more.
  • Limit alcohol – Booze can numb sexy urges.
  • Try supplements – Herbs like tribulus terrestris may help.
  • Spice it up – Novelty and excitement can reignite the flame.

Essentially, make sure your lifestyle supports healthy libido. De-stress, eat right, stay active, and care for your health.

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When to Seek Help

If lifestyle changes don’t perk up your limp libido, see your GP. They can check for underlying health issues impacting your sex drive. Counselling can also help if relationship or self-esteem problems are interfering with your mojo.

For some, switching teams and embracing their homosexuality unlocked their sex drive. So explore that possibility if women just don’t seem to be doing it for you.

Medications like Viagra increase blood flow to produce erections but don’t boost libido itself. Seek solutions tailored to firing up that longing for passion again.

Libido FAQs

What causes low libido?

Common causes include stress, medications, poor diet, obesity, fatigue, depression, relationship issues, porn addiction, low testosterone and health conditions.

Is low libido normal after having kids?

A dip in sex drive post-kids is common but not inevitable. Make intimacy a priority, get help with childcare, and work on your relationship.

Can masturbation affect libido?

Masturbating too vigorously/frequently can desensitize you and dampen desire for partner sex. But moderate solo play probably won’t kill you.

How do I talk to my partner about mismatched libidos?

Have an open, honest chat outside the bedroom. Share how you both feel without blaming. Then discuss solutions like scheduling sex.

What foods kill male libido?

Foods that can dampen libido include processed foods, soy products, mint, licorice, alcohol and foods high in estrogen levels.

Get Your Mojo Back!

Alright lads, Boosting Your Low Male Sex Drive, hopefully this gives you some fuel to fire up your lagging libido. Don’t settle for a dull sex life – take action to reclaim that all-important oomph between the sheets! Your happiness and relationship satisfaction depend on it. Now go and jump your lover’s bones!

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