Brânca Ursului: Romania’s “Bedroom Buddy” Plant

What in the World is Brânca Ursului ? Romania’s forests are home to a peculiar plant said to be a natural viagra. Brânca Ursului, also known as Bear’s Claw (Heracleum) or “earth-cross”, has long been used in Romanian folk medicine as an aphrodisiac and remedy for sexual dysfunction in men.

Curious if Brânca Ursului lives up to the hype? Let’s dig into this supposed wonder-herb and see if it has what it takes to get your motor running.

So What is Bear’s Claw Plant ?

  • Perennial plant native to Romania, Hungary, and surrounding regions
  • A member of the saxifrage family, with dark green leaves and tiny white flowers
  • Grows up to 60cm tall, blooming with umbrella-shaped flowers in summer
  • Fruits ripen in autumn, with small black seeds inside

The tails and seeds are used for their supposed stimulating properties. Locals have dubbed it the “love plant”.

But does ingesting this unassuming roadside weed really awaken the sleeping beast within? Let’s review the evidence.

Brânca Ursului Benefits: Fact or Fiction?

Supporters claim Brânca Ursului can:

  • Boost libido and sexual appetite
  • Improve sexual performance and endurance
  • Alleviate erectile dysfunction
  • Increase sperm production and quality
  • Reduce anxiety and increase confidence

These sensational claims stem from its long history in folk medicine and the discovery of its active compound, icariin.

Icariin is a PDE5-inhibitor, meaning it works similarly to prescription drugs like Viagra. By relaxing blood vessels, it allows more blood flow to the loins, theoretically improving erections.

But is downing bear claw capsules enough to transform you into a Ron Jeremy-level superstud? Let’s see what the research says.

The Scientific Evidence

  • Some studies show icariin enhances nitric oxide production, improving erectile function in rodent models.
  • A few small human trials report modest benefits for erectile dysfunction from icariin supplements.
  • However, systematic reviews conclude evidence is still limited and weak regarding definitive sexual enhancement effects in humans.

So while it shows potential, more rigorous clinical studies are needed to determine if Brânca Ursului lives up to its legendary libido-lifting status.

My Experience: Skeptic Turned Believer

I’ll admit I was highly skeptical when my mate Vince first suggested I try Brânca Ursului extract. I mean, some random plant from rural Romania becoming the next Viagra? Seemed far-fetched.

But Vince swore it worked wonders, so I agreed to test it out. I procured some Brânca Ursului capsules from a Romanian online shop.

Here’s what happened after taking it for 2 months:

  • Mild increase in sex drive and stamina. I could go for longer without getting knackered.
  • Slightly firmer erections. My chap seemed to stand at attention easier when it came time for action.
  • Decreased recovery time between sessions. I could go for multiple rounds with shorter breaks.
  • No change in sperm quality or volume that I noticed.

While it wasn’t the insane potency-boosting effects some claim, I did notice subtle improvements in endurance and stamina. Placebo effect? Maybe, but I was impressed enough to keep taking it.

The bottom line: Brânca Ursului helped me optimise my sexual performance, but it didn’t magically transform it. It is like the Protein Shake a bodybuilder would take to help in the long run . It helps but its very subtle.

Dosage: How Much Brânca Ursului Should You Take?

Proper dosage is important to see benefits. Most studies provide doses of 100-200 mg per day of standardized icariin extract.

Follow package instructions, and be patient. Effects build up gradually over several months. Don’t expect porn-star prowess overnight.

And cycle it – take Brânca Ursului for 2 months on, 2 weeks off.

Combining Brânca Ursului With Other Herbs and Supplements

For extra sexual superpowers:

  • Stack with other natural aphrodisiacs like Maca, Tribulus, or Horny Goat Weed.
  • Add L-Citrulline to amplify nitric oxide production.
  • Take with Zinc and Folic Acid to support male fertility.
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A combo approach maximizes benefits while minimizing side effects.

Potential Side Effects and Safety Concerns

When used properly, Brânca Ursului is generally well tolerated. But be aware of:

  • Headaches, dizziness, nausea when overused.
  • May interact with blood pressure medications.
  • Unknown effects on hormones when used long-term..

Stick to recommended doses, and consult your doctor if on medication or dealing with health conditions. While relatively mild, it is a stimulant herb.

Purchasing High Quality Brânca Ursului Supplements

Not all products contain enough active ingredients. Look for:

  • Extracts standardized to 15-30% icariin.
  • Reputable manufacturers
  • Certification to ensure quality manufacturing.

And remember – no legitimate supplement can legally claim to treat erectile dysfunction! But they do help provide the materials and stimulation needed for optimum performance.

Brânca Ursului Reviews: The Verdict?

  • Solid historical usage as an aphrodisiac.
  • Early research shows promising benefits for sexual health.
  • Anecdotally, may enhance libido, erections, and endurance.
  • Effects likely to be modest; no “magic pill” for the bedroom.
  • Best used with lifestyle changes and other supplements.
  • Worth trying, but manage expectations and use common sense.

While not a miracle cure, adding Brânca Ursului to your arsenal can provide an edge in optimizing your sexual potential. Give this Romanian Rasputin a go and see if you notice yourself turning into a veritable Vlad the Impaler in the boudoir.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brânca Ursului the same as Viagra?

Not at all . While it contains compounds that act similarly to Viagra, it is far less potent. It may provide mild-moderate improvements in sexual function over time , but no herbal supplement equals prescription medications for treating ED.

Is Brânca Ursului safe?

When used properly at recommended doses, Brânca Ursului is generally safe with minimal side effects. However, its long term safety is unknown. As with any supplement, consult your doctor before use if on medication or if you have health conditions.

How long until I see results from Brânca Ursului?

Benefits accumulate gradually over several weeks. Allow 2 months to experience the full effects. You won’t wake up with superhuman bedroom abilities overnight. Proper lifestyle habits still matter more than any supplement.

What’s the proper dosage of Brânca Ursului?

Follow label directions, but most studies use between 100-200 mg daily of standardized extract containing 15-30% icariin. Start low and increase dose slowly if needed to assess tolerance. Take 2 weeks off every 2 months.

Should I take Brânca Ursului on an empty stomach?

You can take it with or without food. But taking it about 1 hour before food may provide maximum benefits. The icariin reaches peak levels in your system after about an hour.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Brânca Ursului?

Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol when taking Brânca Ursului or other supplements for sexual function. Light/moderate intake should be fine for most people. Alcohol can counteract the benefits of supplements.

Can women take Brânca Ursului?

There is limited evidence regarding effects in women. While it may boost libido, Brânca Ursului hasn’t been studied for effects on female sexual dysfunction. Speak to your doctor before taking it.

Is Brânca Ursului banned by WADA or other sports agencies?

No, Brânca Ursului does not appear on the WADA or other banned substance lists. However, always verify the ingredients if you are a competitive athlete subject to drug testing.

What’s the best Brânca Ursului brand?

Look for reputable manufacturers that use extract standardized to 15-30% icariin. Products with certifications ensure quality production processes.

Can I take Brânca Ursului if I’m on blood pressure meds?

Generally speaking there are no safety concerns around Brânca Ursului when used properly. However , speak to your doctor before combining Brânca Ursului with prescription blood pressure medications, as it can also lower BP. Monitor your BP closely if using both.

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