Delaying the Big O: My Experience with Edging

My Experience with Edging . Looking to spice up my love life, I recently stumbled upon a tantalising technique called “edging”. Intrigued by the promise of mind-blowing orgasms, I convinced my girlfriend to give it a go. Little did I know what I was getting myself into!

In this cheeky article, I’ll share what edging is, my hilarious attempts to make it work, and whether it really helped boost my sexual stamina. Grab a cuppa and buckle up, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

What the Bloody Hell is Edging?

For the uninitiated, edging essentially involves getting right up to the point of orgasm…then stopping. You repeat this several times before finally letting loose. Apparently all that “peaking” makes your climax more powerful in the end.

I know what you’re thinking – easier said than done! Especially for us chaps with hair triggers. But I was determined to give it the old college try.

My girlfriend was a good sport and agreed to partake in some “scientific research” on the subject. We set out to investigate:

  • How exactly do you edge during sex?
  • Does it really enhance pleasure and stamina?
  • Most importantly, can I keep from blowing my load straight away?

Our Hilarious Attempts at Partner Edging

Armed with enthusiasm (and condoms), we began experimenting with edging during intercourse. Things got awkward fast:

  • Attempt #1 lasted about 0.5 seconds before I erupted in embarrassment. Note to self: start with solo practice.
  • Attempt #2 involved the “stop and go” method. I’d thrust until nearing the point of no return, then abruptly stop and think about Margaret Thatcher. My girlfriend was not amused by the constant starting and stopping.
  • Attempt #3 used the “squeeze” technique. When close to climax, I’d pull out and squeeze the end of my shaft. However, I misjudged one time and ended up finishing all over the duvet. Another load ready for the laundry!
  • Attempt #4 we tried “edging” her by bringing her close to orgasm then stopping stimulation. But I was too thick to read her signals, leading to frustration on her end.

Clearly, we needed more practice! But judging by my girlfriend’s exasperation, I wasn’t sure she’d stay my research partner for long.

Mastering Edging Solo

After some less than stellar attempts at partner edging, we decided to embark on a mission of self-discovery and solo practice. The results? A game-changer in our intimate life!

Our 5 Essential Solo Edging Tips for Couples:

  1. Patience is Key: Using lube and a gentle touch makes the journey more enjoyable.
  2. Tune Into Your Desires: Understanding your own “point of no return” is crucial.
  3. Breathing: Deep, slow breaths can be the perfect way to regain control.
  4. Kegel Exercises: Engaging your PC muscles is a great way to build endurance.
  5. Watch the Clock: Challenge yourselves to see how long you can ride the edge.

Through dedicated practice, we transformed our endurance from fleeting moments to over 30 minutes of sustained pleasure! When we came back together, the improvement was undeniable. Now, our love life is filled with more intense, satisfying endings, making every moment together even more special.

The Big Payoff: Mind-Blowing Sex

Now a seasoned edging expert, I incorporated it into partner sex for some extraordinarily steamy sessions:

  • Long, slow build-up with dirty talk really stoked the sexual tension.
  • Taking her close to climax using oral and fingering drove her wild with desire.
  • Alternating fast and slow penetration kept me rock hard but stopped premature pops.
  • Letting loose after extended edging produced explosive orgasms for us both!

Overall, edging allowed me to last longer and left us both quivering piles of ecstasy. I felt like a sexual god – quite a confidence boost!

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So for any UK blokes struggling with stamina, I can’t recommend edging enough. Just be prepared for lots of hilarious trial and error as you figure out what works. But stick with it – the rewards are well worth it!

Edging FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions about edging:

What are the main edging techniques ?

The three main techniques are the stop-start method, squeezing the tip of the penis, and slowing the speed of thrusting. Experiment to see what works for you.

How often should you edge before finally climaxing ?

2-3 times is a good starting point. But with practice, you can stay on the edge for 30 minutes or longer!

Does edging increase ejaculation volume ?

Yes, edging can lead to larger than normal ejaculations due to increased arousal and seminal fluid build-up.

Can women edge too ?

Absolutely! Women can also experience multiple peaks of arousal before allowing themselves to orgasm.

Is edging safe ?

Edging is generally safe if done correctly. Make sure to communicate with your partner and never force yourself to edge for too long.

Can edging cure premature ejaculation ?

It can certainly help! By improving control over your arousal, edging allows you to last longer before reaching orgasm.

Conclusion: Spicing Up Your Love Life

If you’re looking to enhance sexual pleasure and performance, edging is worth a shot (just be ready for some hilarious misfires at first!) With practice, it empowers both partners to experience longer, more powerful climaxes.

So grab your lover and get edging, UK style! Just mind the wet spots and let the good times roll. Cheers!

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