How Does Erectile Dysfunction Happens : Overcome the Soft Soldier

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Happens

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Happens . Yes, the dreaded erectile dysfunction (ED) – nemesis to intimacy and the archvillain of masculine vitality since the dawn of time. When our loyal soldiers stand at half mast or fail to salute altogether, it can be frustrating, embarrassing, and leave relationships strained under the weight of unsatisfied desires.

But have no fear lads, this guide shall illuminate the shadowy mysteries around why lil’ Eddie stops rising to the occasion and provide hope that the war is not yet lost! We will forge on bravely and uncover what causes ED, how doctors diagnose it, smash through the stigma to talk treatments, and highlight lifestyle adjustments and medical options for restoring tumescence.

Walk with me brothers, as we delve candidly into the secrets of the noble penis and enable you to again stand proud when opportunity knocks! The outlook of defeating ED is bright, but first we must understand what we are up against.

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What Exactly IS Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is when getting or keeping an erection firm enough for sexy time is challenging on a persistent basis. You still may occasionally salute in the morning or have some “half mast” action going, but when it comes time perform, the little soldier goes awol.

Some key aspects:

  • Very common issue – about 50% of men over 40 contend with it on some level
  • It can be intermittent or constant erectile troubles
  • Libido may reduce
  • Severity ranges from occasional inability to always

So if your one-eyed sergeant is choosing inopportune moments to slumber or your torpedo struggles with launching fully, know that you are not alone or lacking virility. There are sensible physiological reasons why things go haywire – which leads us to…

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Why Won’t My Soldier Stand At Attention Doc?

Sometimes complicated biological factors team up with emotional/mental turbulence and stressors resulting in the little man refusing to rise. Main culprits include both physical and psychological sources:

Physical Reasons For Creeping Softness:

  • Cardiovascular disease hampering blood flow
  • Diabetes complications damaging nerves/blood vessels
  • Some medications lowering erecticle capacity
  • Drinking/smoking constricting blood vessels
  • Injuries, surgery, or nerve damage of the peeper area
  • Low testosterone or hormone imbalances
  • Peyronie’s disease (scar tissue build up in meat pipe)
  • Sleep disorders depleting vitality
  • High blood pressure
How Does Erectile Dysfunction Happens

Psychological Erection Assassins:

  • Depression and emotional distress
  • Anxiety or stress about sexual performance
  • Poor communication or issues in the relationship
  • Low confidence and negative self-image

Often it is both factors teaming up to bamboozle biology and soften things up. The mind-body connection is real – when the brain sends distress signals it can mess with the complex orchestration needed to achieve lift off.

But fear not, nearly all causes of are treatable if not reversible, especially when caught early!

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How Will The Doctor Assess My Saluting Situation?

If you are experiencing consistent little soldier service interruptions, the responsible thing is to schedule a check up with your GP to identify causes and get back in the saddle! Describe what’s going on honestly so the right assessments can take place. Getting to the root factors is crucial for mapping the route back to rigidity.

You’ll likely get asked intimate sexy questions no one else hears to establish benchmarks and background. Things like:

  • Sexual history – past functionality, partners, frequency, etc.
  • Medical conditions, medications, injuries, surgeries
  • Lifestyle factors – weight, drinking/smoking, exercise
  • Emotional climate – stress, confidence, relationships

Then come the diagnostic tests after a physical exam and visual inspection of the privates:

  • Bloodwork measuring testosterone
  • Specialized vascular and nerve tests of the funzone regions
  • Overnight erection monitoring loops
  • Flow rate and prostate checks
  • Psychological evaluations

While awkward, these tests aim to leave no softness triggers unfound. Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone, etc. can then be treated directly or indirectly to regain turgidity.

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Battling The Sense Of Shame

Being vulnerable about va-va-voom issues can feel uncomfortable. But reducing shame around this topic enables more guys to regain control and function. Remember:

  • Doctors assess flaccid fellas daily – zero need for awkwardness
  • Restoring rigidity often involves working through mental baggage
  • There are PLENTY of proven options to stiffen things up
  • Oodles of men of all ages harbor secret softness concerns

So stand tall gents – admitting uncertainty here is the bold move. Let’s now uncover options to again achieve glory in the throes of passion!

Bucking Up: Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Limpness

Before pulling out the big pharmaceutical guns, less intense natural approaches may reduce spotty stiffness:

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Diet and Exercise to Drop Excess Weight

Belly fat and obesity strain blood vessels, lower testosterone and promote erectile rebellion. Trimming pounds through portion control, counting calories, and regular sweat sessions enhances vascular flow.

Limit Booze and Quit Smoking

Alcohol and tobacco use constrict critical blood vessels to cause shrinkage. Cut back on pints and snuff out cigarette cravings through patches, gum, hypnosis or vaping to enable engorgement.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Relaxation

Mental anguish is a huge erection killer by releasing hormones that suppresses boner machinery. Activities like yoga, mediation, therapy, massage, light weights, etc. can loosen tension linked to softness.

Herbal Supplements Like Horny Goat Weed

Natural performance boosters like maca powder and horny goat weed show promise in improving erection frequency by reducing inflammation and boosting testosterone. Ask your doctor about dosage and quality.

Restful, Quality Sleep Nightly

Production of testosterone crucial for strong stiffness peaks while resting. Prioritize 7-9 hours nightly by limiting electronics use, establishing bedtime routines, and creating cooler, calmer sleeping environments.

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Oral Medications – Diamond Cutters Against Limpness

If lifestyle measures don’t provide sufficient steeliness boosts, popular erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis and Levitra work for most men. These increase blood flow on demand. Other options combat softness in different ways.

PDE5 Inhibitor Pills

Viagra and similar meds target PDE5 – an enzyme preventing blood vessel dilation necessary for boners. Inhibiting PDE5 enables more blood flow when aroused. Effects last 4+ hours. Headaches or flushed skin can occur initially.

Daily Dose PDE5 Tablets

Lower dose options like Cialis for daily use provide continual readiness instead of situational hardness help. Reduces planning around intimacy.

Alprostadil Injections & Suppositories

When pills fall short, alprostadil shots to the dick or urethral inserts boost erections by rapid blood flow expansion. Can enable intercourse within 5-20 minutes.

Testosterone Replacement

Men with clinically low testosterone struggle with rigidity. Long lasting injections, gels, patches or pellets that elevate testerone and energize the boner system may restore tower power.

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External Erection Pumps (Vacuum Devices)

Plastic chambers using suction stimulate engorgement prior to sex without meds. Maintain stiffness afterwards using restriction rings. Some discomfort and practice required. No drug interactions.

Anti-Anxiety or Antidepressant Meds

If mental health issues like extreme stress are the cause, medications combined with counseling measurably improves bedroom abilities by addressing root psychological drivers.

While sounding daunting, these meds have decades of evidence backing safety and efficacy for fortifying erections. Discuss pros, cons and side effects of each with your clinician.

When Pills Fail: Last Resort Erection Devices & Surgeries

Before abandoning ship after other ED treatments sink, consider mechanical options that produce penile rigidity without pills:

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Penile Implants

Surgically inserted inflatable devices allow men to pump fluid into cylinders inside the shaft for instant erections. Discrete control mechanisms located in the scrotum. Success rate over 95% for driving intimacy.

Vascular Surgery

Reconstructive surgery to optimize blood flow to the fun zones can enable natural hardness for specific vascular-related ED causes.

While invasive with some risk, these last resort measures gift reliable readiness without medication reliance. Candid discussions about pros/cons with your urologist determine if they suit your lifestyle.

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The Fight Against Floppy Isn’t Over!

While the days of easy, thoughtless erections end for all men eventually, today there are more safe, effective approaches than ever before to stay in the ring regardless of age or health conditions.

Implementing healthy lifestyle changes provide the foundation. When natural measures falter, little purple pills like Viagra and Cialis serve valiantly in the majority cases. For profound, refractory softness, injections, devices and surgical offerings grant stiff salvation after all else fails.

With science on our side and open conversations around bedroom troubles, positive outcomes lie ahead in overcoming ED. Have faith men – your loyal lieutenant may rest, but he does not retire! Stay the course implementing lifestyle shifts, communicating with partners, and exploring medical options. In time, your pole shall proudly rise again!

Now let’s lift spirits by answering some frequently asked questions around recovering rigidity:

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At what point should I worry and talk to a doctor?

If your chap goes missing in action 25% or more of the time when called to duty, making an appointment is wise. Catching issues early before damage sets in improves the return to readiness. Silently suffering and withdrawing from intimacy compounds both emotional and physical ED contributors.

Are erectile meds like Viagra or Cialis safe? What about side effects?

Decades of evidence cements PDE5 inhibiting medications like sildenafil and tadalafil as safe, effective fixes in the majority of men when used as prescribed. Common nuisance side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Vision changes
  • Indigestion/heartburn
  • Flushing skin

Rarely priaprism (prolonged erection without stimulation) occurs. Always obtain meds from reputable pharmacies with proper scripting. Counterfeit products risk harm. Weigh options with your clinician.

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If I take ED meds, am I stuck using it forever to get hard?

Nope! PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra provide on-demand support in response to intimate stimulation – they won’t trigger random wood. Quitting returns you to your baseline ability without dependence. Think of it like a crutch that helps broken hardware heal, removable when no longer whole.

Why does my soldier still underperform despite taking meds?

Erectile medications amp up blood flow that enables, but doesn’t guarantee erections. Low desire, insufficient stimulation, overtiredness, intoxication, metabolic disorders, high anxiety or other factors still thwart full salutes for some men at times.

Experiment with timing, settings, doses, and foreplay under medical guidance. Adding therapists or relationship counseling assists if psychological issues persist. No fix is bulletproof, but tweaks find what works best for your biology.

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Do testosterone injections help revive my depleted soldier?

Maybe! Supplementing testosterone shown to restore erection quality IF low T underlies your softness. Discuss lab testing with an endocrinologist. Effects can take weeks and require ongoing management, but for low testosterone-linked ED, can rejuvenate your Reggie.

Why do my depression meds murder boners? Anything to offset that?

Antidepressants (SSRIs, MAOIs) commonly cause bedroom fatigue through biochemical impacts, much to the frustration of takers. Strategies to weaken this side effect include:

  • Lowering doses under guidance
  • Switching drug types
  • Medication holidays
  • Adding erectile focused meds
  • Coping techniques to reduce reliance

Discuss tweaks with the prescribing doctor, but may require weighing mental health priorities against sexual functioning.

While no magic cure exists for iffy erections, solutions for most causes do! Having honest, judgment-free conversations is the first step. From there, customized lifestyle, medication, device and surgical options offer new hope for revived readiness. Regain your confidence gents – ED is beatable through openness and science!

Any other intimate queries around performing? Ask away!

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