Does Size Matter? A Guide for Lads Lacking in Length

Does Size Matter? Greetings, gents! Grab a pint and get comfortable as we bravely broach the bollocks of having a bitty willy. While everywhere we turn hear “size doesn’t matter!” – is that really the case? Let’s have a cheeky chat about making the most of a diminutive ding-a-ling.

Big vs. Small: The Age Old Debate

When it comes to crown jewels, is bigger really better? Ask the average group of mates at the pub and you’ll get mixed answers:

  • “Of course size matters! Big blokes have all the fun!” – Nigel, who claims to have a massive pork sword
  • “It’s not the size of the wave, but the motion of the ocean” – Alan, adamant his abilities outweigh his anatomy
  • “I’d trade 2 inches of length for 2 inches of girth” – Harry, who has done…extensive personal research
  • “Can we please change the bloody subject?” – poor James, who would very much not like to discuss his mini Mini Cooper

While banter varies, one truth remains: When you’re packing a petite peen, your confidence often takes a hit. Time to turn that around!

Dealing With Insecurities About Your Diminutive Ding-a-Ling

Before you can charm the socks off a sophisticated lady, you must conquer self-doubt about your teeny todger. Here are tips:

  • Show Junior some love! Your little lad didn’t choose his size. Treat him with kindness.
  • Avoid dangerous procedures.  Pumps and implants almost never end well. Embrace your natural wonder.
  • It’s not about length, it’s about skill. Become a cunning linguist and adept with your hands.
  • Lighten up. Joke about size to ease tension. Laughter is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Your pint-sized pride and joy may not look imposing, but he’s perfect for navigating tight canals. Onward!

Ready, Set, Foreplay!

Don’t prematurely stick your flagpole without first exploring the cave. Solid foreplay is crucial when you’re lacking in length. Some hot tips:

  • Snog passionately and nibble erogenous areas. Leave love bites in naughty places!
  • Allow your hands to roam her lady landscape – thighs, bum, breasts are all fair game.
  • Dive downtown and lap up her nethers like a starving man at a Vegas buffet.
  • Use props! Feathers, ice cubes, silk ties, toys – whatever amplifies her arousal.

The more fired up she is pre-penetration, the less she’ll care about your joystick’s stature when it comes time for the main event.

Optimal Sex Positions for Minuscule Members

Certain positions are ideal for navigating snug canals with a petite dinghy. Give these a go:

  • Doggie style lets you reach depths without slippage. Grip her hips and explore!
  • Spooning keeps things sensual. Reach around to manually stimulate as well.
  • Cowgirl puts her in the driver’s seat. Have her lean forward to grind her button against your body.
  • Standing against a wall balances your heights. She can control depth of entry.

Get creative and communicate. She’ll guide you to angles perfect for your remarkable mini-member.

Boosting the Bedroom Antics: Pop a Pill or Keep it Real?

While we advise against pumps or surgical enlargement, certain supplements may provide temporary aid:

  • X-Pill claims increased stamina and size. But make sure your Ticker can handle it effects.
  • Maraton Forte pills supposedly amplify rigidity and length. However, results seem dependent on user gullibility.
  • Tianli Spray could reduce sensitivity. But overuse may result in less intense climax.

Pills can do the trick but you need to find the right one for you. Proper foreplay has a much greater impact on your sex god status than any supplement.

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Lovemaking Tips for Minuscule Men

While size plays a small role, a man’s skill, care and attention keep a woman coming back for more. Master these techniques:

  • Take it slow, building anticipation. The longer the journey, the sweeter the release.
  • Ask for feedback on what pleases her. Become an expert on her particular buttons.
  • Incorporate hands, toys and mouth before and after penetration. Variety trumps a monotonous in-out.
  • Explore kinks & roleplay to tell tantalizing tales that electrify the imagination.

With a mix of mentality, creativity and consideration, your mini mister will make her forget any longing for a legendary Excalibur.


Still concerned about your short stack? Here are answers to pressing penis predicaments:

What if I finish too quickly? Take a breather then please her manually or orally until you regain vigor for round two.

Do “male enhancement” pills really work? No legitimate product will lead to significant or permanent growth. Save your quid.

Should I get surgery? Lengthening or girth procedures often lead to loss of sensation or function. Exhaust other options first.

How can I feel more confident in the bedroom? Focus on intimacy rather than your anatomy. Take your time giving her pleasure. Skills matter most!

Which sex positions are ideal for a tiny todger? Doggie style, spooning, cowgirl and standing allow control over penetration depth and angle.

Go Make Your Mini Member Proud!

Right then, that’s about the length of it! Remember lads, a small willy does not equate small pleasure. Approach intimacy with patience, humor and enthusiasm to drive your partner wild. Your knob may be wee, but your bedroom skills will be mighty! Chin up, chest out, tally ho!

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